Before you pack, determine which of your items require special packaging and make sure you have all the moving supplies on hand you’ll need to pack your belongings sufficiently. Here is a list of the items we recommend if you are self-packing; however, always remember that if you don’t have the time or energy to pack, Patterson offers both full and partial packing options for your move.

  • Moving Boxes – There are many sizes of moving boxes to choose from. Depending on what size and type of item you are packing, the moving box you choose can make all the difference in how well it is packed.
  • Dish Pack Kit – Dish pack kits are compartmentalized to accommodate dinner plates, salad plates, saucers and bowls. Many kits include foam padding to enclose and isolate each piece.
  • Glass Pack Kit – Glass pack kits are compartmentalized to accommodate glassware, crystal and stemware. Many kits include foam padding to enclose and isolate each piece.
  • Unprinted News Wrapping Paper – Unprinted news wrap is an ideal and inexpensive way to wrap fragile items during a move. Unprinted, undyed paper stock provides the added advantage of a cleaner, ink-free move.
  • Bubble Wrap – A large roll of bubble wrap goes a long way on moving day. Bubble wrap can be used to enclose fragile items and to insulate voids along the sides of boxes.
  • Stretch Plastic Wrap – An industrial-strength version of your standard kitchen plastic wrap, this wrap is used to bind items together (e.g., electrical cords, dresser drawers, couch cushions, etc.). Plastic wrap might help offer some barrier to furniture from scratches, dust and some types of damage.
  • Furniture Pads – Frequently used to cover large appliances and furniture, you don’t have to worry about getting these durable, thick blankets dirty.
  • Permanent Markers – Permanent markers are absolutely necessary to communicate with your moving crew. Be sure to mark cardboard boxes with your inventory information.
  • Box Tape Dispenser – When taping a large number of boxes, you’ll want a proper dispenser to speed progress. A tape gun will lay seams straight down and help you keep your fingers clear of a sticky mess when cutting. Don’t forget the tape refills!
  • Box Cutter – You’ll come to appreciate a sharp box cutter when it comes time to unload. Tape, adhesive and cardboard can dull your knife faster than you think.