Your first night box contains everything you will want to easily access the first day and night you spend in your new home. The first night kit does not need to be a box; you could choose a suitcase, plastic tub, or even a storage trunk depending on what you need to pack. Remember, you may not be able to find everything you need quickly in all the boxes you’ve just moved. Don’t let your boxes bully you! Take charge of your first 24 hours or weeks and create enjoyable memories in your new space.

It’s especially important to prepare for your first night or weeks at your new home well ahead of time when you are moving with children and/or pets. It’s no fun scrambling to find your son’s sacred sleep time teddy bear or your dog’s calming toy after you’ve just moved.  After such a busy day, everyone involved in your move will likely be a little restless and hungry. Organizing and separately packing personal items and a few household necessities will dramatically reduce the stress level.

The checklists we’ve developed for your first night or weeks covers everything from sleep machines, electronics and chargers to toilet paper, linens and cleaning necessities. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. It’s important to enjoy your first night and feel a sense of accomplishment. Searching for a clean bath towel or your comfy pajamas puts a damper on the excitement of your first night or weeks in your new home.

Be sure to customize your first night boxes based on you and/or your family’s needs and circumstances. You may need to include exactly what we suggest or put your own unique spin on it, but any way you plan it, just make sure you have everything nearby and in one place.

Go ahead and pop the bubbly! You’ve got the essentials covered, and now it’s time to celebrate!