Call your new utility companies to set up services a week before you expect to move in.  The first few days in your new home will be much more comfortable if you have electricity, water and heating or air conditioning!  It’s also a good time to choose one of the Internet services providers available in your area. 

Develop a plan for where you would like to have your furniture placed in the home, even if it’s a simple drawing. This will save you the trouble of moving furniture by yourself after your movers depart.

Start with a fresh palette by cleaning your new home before the movers arrive.

Be prepared to pay your driver for the moving services. Please refer to How and When I Should Pay under Frequently Asked Questions for specific pay details or call your Sales Representative.

If you can, have two people in the new home on move-in day. One person can make sure everything from your inventory list is unloaded and the other can tell the movers where you would like the items placed.

Check items off the inventory list as they are unloaded from the truck. If you discover that anything is missing, talk to your crew leader right away to document what may be missing.  

Consider hiring a babysitter if you have small children in the house and put pets somewhere where they will be safe and out of the way.