Long Distance

long distance move

Whether you are moving just across state lines or across the country, Murray can help transport your belongings to your new home with ease and simplicity.  

Long distance moves are different than local moves (moving a short distance within a metro area within the same state) and intrastate moves (longer distance moves that occur within the same state) because they involve moving goods across state lines. A long distance move can also be referred to as an interstate move or a state-to-state move.

No matter the distance, all moves that involve crossing a state line require special, federal authority. U.S. federal laws and regulations, including insurance requirements, are designed to protect consumers before, during and after their moves.

It is important that you are able to distinguish reputable long distance moving companies from fraudulent or so-called “rogue” movers, who are often not really movers and have been known for holding personal property hostage for additional fees and other scams.

Murray’s long distance moving quotes take many factors into account, so you receive a fair quote for your unique move. Among other things, we assess the weight or volume of your belongings, the distance of your move and what services you request to determine your expected moving cost.

All long distance moves are different, which is why we gather all of the preliminary information before providing you with a move cost. This way we ensure we give you the most accurate moving quote for your out-of-state move as possible.