We carry a variety of new and used boxes and other moving supplies available for purchase including shrink wrap, paper pads, tape, news print, furniture pads, markers, straps and dollies.  The boxes we carry are specifically designed for moving and are built with thicker side walls which produces a higher bursting strength to help keep the integrity of the box throughout the move process.    

  • Small Moving Boxes – Small boxes are ideal for heavy or fragile items that must be packed on their own and will aide ease of handling.
  • Medium Moving Boxes – Medium boxes tend to be among the most commonly used moving boxes. They are ideal for small appliances and other household items. These boxes are often most compatible with dish pack and glass pack inserts for glassware.
  • Large Moving Boxes – Large boxes are ideal for lightweight and medium-weight goods like lampshades, throw pillows and clothing.
  • X-Large Moving Boxes – X-Large boxes are ideal for bulky yet lightweight soft goods like comforters, blankets, clothing and pillows.
  • Heavy-Duty Boxes – Heavy-duty boxes are reinforced with thicker walls for heavier applications. These may be ideal for packing electronicsbook collections and dishes.
  • Wardrobe Boxes – A wardrobe box is constructed with a hanger bar so that you can transfer shirts, blouses and suits directly from the closet into the box without folding your clothes. These boxes come in several heights to accommodate longer items such as dresses and pants.
  • Electronics Boxes – Electronics boxes are specially sized for your home entertainment devices such as streaming media players, surround sound stereos and gaming systems.